Hang-N-Dry Closet Clothing Dryer

A design for a portable closet clothing dryer. Unit consists of an elongated cylindrical housing open on one side and able to be rotated through 180 degrees to direct the airflow in a specific direction. Device has two retractable hooks on the ends so that it can hang from closet rod. Alternatively, device can hang over the top of a door via the opening on rear of unit. Device can also sit on floor facing upwards via the use of snap-on supports so that airflow can be directed upwards or horizontally to dry shoes or items placed close to the ground.

Hang-N-Dry device utilizes an efficient "squirrel cage" type fan and low heat resistance heating element to send a continuous stream of warmed air over damp-hung clothing. Hang-N-Dry unit as pictured can be used in several configurations: hanging from typical closet rod, fitting over top of door or on floor for use below a portable drying rack or as a shoe & boot dryer.

Clothes are removed from washer after spin cycle and hung damp on plastic hangers which are then are then hung on Hang-N-Dry device. When unit is activated, continuous stream of warmed air is directed downward over clothes. Clothes dry with less wrinkling and shrinking than with typical machine dryer. Clothes dry pre-hung, already on hangers, saving a step in laundering workflow. Clothes undergo less wear and tear and so last longer. Housing can be rotated to direct airflow in any direction; for example to direct air horizontally over damp shoes on closet floor, or angled upward across items arranged on collapsable drying rack. Device uses far less energy than typical dryer and so saves energy. A 48 minute cycle in a typical dryer uses 2,667 watts of power. (1)


• Unit can hang from closet rod, fit on top of door or sit on floor for upward or angled airflow.
• Efficient high CFM "squirrel cage" type impeller creates robust airflow over clothes
• Ideal for delicate items that cannot be machine dried
• Efficient resistance heating element
• Temperature sensor with safety cutoff
• Timer for automatic operation

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